"Roberto's Offering"

"Roberto's Offering" Copyright 2008
"Roberto's Offering" - Detail with inset of Bob-the-Cat

This painting tells the story of Bob-the-Cat who followed my son home one day 5-1/2 years ago. We had plenty of animals in the house so we could not keep him, but I agreed that Bob could be our "outside" cat. Bob roams the neighborhood and is fed by many people. He is very healthy for a stray cat and is allowed indoors during the winter in some houses to warm up. We had him fixed so he wouldn't create more homeless cats. He comes when called and goes by the following names: Bob, Bob-the-cat, Robert, Bert, Bobby, Bobbert, Roberto, Robierto del feline, (you get the idea).

Because we are one of the families that feeds him, he brings us gifts. Every summer he procures the neighborhood gardening gloves and brings them to us. I don't know how he finds them. Usually he brings a single old, worn out right or left, but one year there was a brand new pair with the packaging still on them. We collect all the gloves and then place a sign on the old tree in front of our yard asking people to pick up theirs. One by one they are reclaimed. Bob also brings us mice, birds, anything he finds precious.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful image... and a great story! I've known other cats who collect strange objects, but gloves are a new one, lol. Sounds like Bob is very well-loved and he knows it.

日月神教-向左使 said...
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