Ayomi Yoshida - YEDOENSIS

Yesterday The Makers Art Group went on a field trip to see Ayomi Yoshida's installation YEDOENSIS at the NIU Art Museum. It was created with close to 100,000 woodblock print sakura, or cherry blossoms. It was incredible to see wall after wall covered in these 2"x2" squares of prints. Each one was an individual, some subtly pink, others using mica. After reading her artist's statement, the concept made more sense; but there was one line that stood out most to me:
"It (the installation) also allowed me to demonstrate how small, single acts, when piled one on top of another eventually amount to something larger."

This singular point is how I try (keyword: try) to stumble through my life. Each act of kindness, of love, of care when piled one on top of another gradually lead to a greater path. In this way a person's life becomes more than the here and now, it becomes a movement to change the world. It changes people's perceptions. Remember back to a time in your life when a stranger did a kind thing for you. Maybe they opened a door for you, maybe they let you have the parking space, maybe they allowed you to go first in line. Did it reinforced your faith in humanity. How did that make you feel? Not everyone is bad. Not everyone is in it for themselves. Just think if everyone practised this philosophy. Think if that was the norm and not the incidental surprise? It would change the face of humanity.

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