Gary Love, Nature Photographer

I met a photographer at work today. He travels throughout the United States in an RV photographing what he sees. His name is Gary Love and you HAVE to take a look at his work. He has a philosophy of nature that I can greatly appreciate. You won't believe the beauty he has captured. He doesn't photoshop, he simply shoots what he sees.

Just meeting a person like that today does my heart a world of good. I admire his ability to travel doing what he loves. Such freedom! I'm sure it is extremely difficult, but - oh! - that life sounds so wonderful.

I don't want to use his work on my blog without his permission, so please, please visit his blog at www.garylove.net


Sandhill Cranes!

Sandhill Crane photo by Tom Bentley - Posted on the 2000 Fermilab Bird Report

Tonight there were perhaps 50 Sand Hill cranes croaking and calling above our house. I'm 42 years old and I never seen them from my porch before. This is the first time! I called my son out to view them.

I remember when I was younger being called outside by my father to witness Canadian geese fly overhead on their migration. Back then, it was unusual to see one. I remember hearing them breathe as they few overhead. It was one of those magical moments. They have made a comeback and now are almost a nuisance.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see Sand Hill cranes more often? Maybe when my son is my age, he will!


Me ojos after the Women's Works Show

It was a versatile show with wide variety of media and artists from all over the United States. There were 90 artists chosen out of 535 entries. I am so happy to have been juried into this show. It is definitely worth seeing if you are in the Woodstock, IL area!

Jurors: Carol Zack, Judith Nahill and the women of the Cambridge Artists Coop

Judge: Nina Weiss

Best in Show: Christine Zachary, Oregon
2nd: Linda Horsley, Oregon
3rd: Jill Brody, Rhode Island
Honorable Mention: Christine Alfrey (WI), Amanda Stark (MI), and Jess Larson (MN)
I am filled with inspiration after viewing the artwork shown at the NAAC Women's Works Show! Below are some of my personal favorites from the show: (top: Christine Zachary, Oregon, "Girl in City" - BEST IN SHOW!; Regina Lombardo, Illinois, "Morrell"; Ouida Touchon, New Mexico, "Women Dreamings"; Cindy Drozda, Colorado, "Moonstone"; Paulette Colo, Illinois, "The Blacksmith"; Tonya Hedgeman, Georgia, "Retreat")

Viewing the show helped me to refill my creativity cup. So many thoughts are now racing through my head (which is why I am up blogging at midnight! lol).


Custom Wardrobe Design by foxontherun

Foxontherun from Etsy was generous enough to design wardrobes for 15 lucky people and I was one of them!!! Here was how I described my "style:"
I like biomorphic, organic shapes and textures and a muted palette. I'm also a size 14... at 5'5'. I have no style because, at 42, I don't know what to wear that isn't too young or too old-lady-ish. What do you recommend?
Here is her (AMAZING!!) response:


pants (twine): www.lanebryant.com/apparel-accessories/bottoms/top-rated/...

shirt: (lilac) www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id...

sweater: www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/productdetail.jsp?su...

shoeses: www.bluefly.com/Delman-pear-patent-leather-Mona-flats/cat...

bag: www.bluefly.com/Helena-De-Natalio-yam-pebble-leather-Bald...

earrings: www.my-wardrobe.com/emilie-hagen/gold-aspen-leaf-earings-...

ring: www.bluefly.com/Fabrizio-Giannone-smoky-quartz-Bacurupu-w...


Pejnolan Studios Featured on Mary Richmond Design 0 3.06.2010

Mary Richmond Design specializes in original watercolors and drawings of birds and wildlife. Her blog features such artists, especial those which use recycled materials. Although I don't use recycled materials in my artwork, she decided to feature it nonetheless. I admire the other artists she is showcasing, too! Take a peek!

As a side note, the tulips and crocus are popping up from the earth! I guess spring IS coming this year after all. You don't know how excited I was to see these small bits of life breaking out of the soil. I think I may have audibly gasped. It was 19°F at 6:30 this morning when I took the photo. Despite the cold, Spring knows better and has decided to arrive. I've said before that I've heard the robin's chirping in the mornings. The geese have been flying past in their V-formations on their way north. Ahhh. Each day will bring another sign of warmer weather and better days ahead.



PUBLIC NOTICE: ASSUMED NAME, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Another step in the process of making PEJNOLAN Studios a reality. I've always wanted to own my own business, nothing huge. No glamorous fantasies, just a good solid little business. I've studied for years as to how to go about it. Now I've taken the plunge and there's no going back.

I've read my posts from the last year. So many of them are about what I've done and where I've gone. I've simply been stating the facts. I haven't shared what I've been thinking or capturing those beautiful, tranquil moments that I find amid the chaos of life. There have been many, many reasons for this.

Life kind of takes over once in awhile and the tenuous veil of control we think we have is torn in two. I could list everything that has happened, but then that would just be a list of more facts. I really want to delve deeper. So, rather than make a list of specific experiences; here is what I have learned (or maybe what I wish I could learn):

1. Hold on to the people you love because we are all mortal. Tell them how much they mean to you - SHOW them how much they mean to you.

2. See people for what they are. Look at what time and experience have proven this person or situation to be. All the talk in the world, all the good intentions – none of them trump actual action.

3. True friendships are few and far between. It is sad when they change.

4. I came into the world alone and I will leave the world alone. It is not a bad thing, it just is.

5. You may as well try for what you want because you don't get second chances.

6. Anxiety and worry don't help. Worrying about potential future events is counter-productive.