Yellow Lady Slipper Pen & Ink

Yellow Lady Slipper Pen & Ink, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

The flower itself doesn't look as delicate as I want, but that's ok. I'll just do it again. Maybe I'll take out some of the extraneous background stuff: too busy.

Uploaded by pejnolan on 29 Jun 08, 8.16PM CDT.


Doc Martens Boot Contest

Here is my entry for the Doc Martens boot competition, 2008. My entry is entitled "Sunfish" Please, please, please go to this link and VOTE for me! Why should my design win? Because organic design and fun, bright colors make this boot equally great for some hardcore, survivalist hiker in the outback or a wild, street-wise punk in the city: it\'s fun to wear as well as practical!


Cave Point Park - Found Art - Vacation

Cave Point Park - Found Art, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Vacation was the best, but way too short. A few things learned: 1. mid-June is too cold to go swimming in Door County, 2. if you're going on vacation, stay at least a week otherwise it's too rushed. Some of my favorite memories of this year's visit to Door County:

Walking along Cana Island's shore with my husband. Wearing my Crocs, not having to worry about getting my shoes wet, or hurting my feet.

Yelling at the seagulls to stop mocking me with their chatter (this is just for fun because no one else is around to hear me.)

Looking at the inumerable stars from horizon to horizon while watching a multi-colored campfire and listening to the gentle guitar playing of my brother and his wife as my son drifted off to sleep snuggled into his sleeping bag beside me.

Picking up stones at Algoma beach - just a few - and feeling their sun-warmed smoothness against my face.

Running down a sand dune at Kohler-Andreas state park.

Finding minnows and clams on the sandy shore of Kangaroo Lake and looking for them together with my son at Nicolet Bay.

Looking at all the unusual flowers, trees and mushrooms at The Ridges. Finding a morel! Teasing that I was going to pick something.

Soaking in the colors of Lake Michigan as it crashed into the stone at Cave Point park. Leaving my "cave point" linocut print attached to the same tree as its subject.

Listening to the sand squeak beneath my feet at Whitefish Dunes.

Cooking a good meal for my family over an open campfire and then roasting marshmallows for dessert.

Looking at some buff biker dude sitting on a picnic table with a scruffy beard, black shirt and sunglasses. Being afraid to walk down that path, then realizing IT WAS MY BROTHER!

Glazing pottery with my best friend in the world, talking, laughing, not feeling rushed.

Just everything...

The colors + the wind + the waves = the perfect place to be: Cave point park. This is where I left my found art print. I know I'm not supposed to, but I pretended just to be taking random photos as different people stopped and read the note outloud. There was a young honeymooning couple, a family with three small children, a gaggle of old ladies - everyone read the note, but none took the print. I was a bit sad that I couldn't see who took it home. I returned two days later and someone had taken the print. I knew it hadn't just blown away in the storm because the pushpins were still in the tree, but in different positions than where I left them originally. I hope someone is enjoying the print! Learn more about Cave Point Park here.


"Cave Point Park" Print

"Cave Point Park" Print, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

This is my sophomore attempt at block printing. I used linoleum because wood hurt my hands too much. The linoleum doesn't have as much character as wood, but I am high on the knowledge that I can make this over and over again. I never really have to "give it away." The plan is to take some prints up to Door County with us and pin the prints to the tree as found art. Whoever walks by at the right time wins a print (while I watch and pretend I don't know anything about it. Hee-hee.)
The uncut block is shown here.