Petshop Signing

Petshop Signing, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

One of my clients at work is a HUGE petshop. They have a pirate theme and want us to do all their new signing as original vector illustrations. I have to add the pistols, but am too excited about it so I posted it anyway. Yesterday, when I heard the amount of work they wanted done, I was a bit overwhelmed and almost went into a panic attack. Today I just tackled it and went to work. This is after about 4 solid hours of drawing, revising, redrawing. Tomorrow they will see the results and give the go ahead (hopefully). iStock flourishes were used to save time, but the rest is 100% hand drawn.


Final print of Boppy

Final print of Boppy, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

For the story behind this piece, click here.


Woodburn Design for Spinning Wheel

I'm so excited to get this project started! The design phase is complete and now I'm off to transfer the design. This was the mock up shown to the client. She wanted to incorporate her four dogs into the mix. Two are darker and two are lighter. As always, I'll post the finished product.


First proof of a new block

My son and I photographed his grandfather, Boppy, yesterday unbeknownst to him. We had a good 15 photo references to choose from by the end of our visit.

Bop is very animated when speaking - especially when it is a hot topic. This week's "fer or agin'" conversation was the proposed windmill farm just west of his farm.

I love his facial expressions as he speaks. When the reference photo for this proof was taken, he was listening intently to his son speaking. Bop was staring out the window as the sun was setting - exactly where the windmills will be if the proposition is passed. Maybe he was imagining how the new horizon would appear with these towering man-made structures dominating the landscape.

This print is intended not so much as a portrait of Boppy, but more of an emotional statement about change. An older man staring into the light, his hands folded in prayer - or are they being wrung with emotion? A new day is coming - change is coming, change never ends. It is either something to accept and look forward to or something that causes worry or dread. A new day, a new life: how will you welcome it?