Petshop Signing

Petshop Signing, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

One of my clients at work is a HUGE petshop. They have a pirate theme and want us to do all their new signing as original vector illustrations. I have to add the pistols, but am too excited about it so I posted it anyway. Yesterday, when I heard the amount of work they wanted done, I was a bit overwhelmed and almost went into a panic attack. Today I just tackled it and went to work. This is after about 4 solid hours of drawing, revising, redrawing. Tomorrow they will see the results and give the go ahead (hopefully). iStock flourishes were used to save time, but the rest is 100% hand drawn.

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Justin said...

Looks great. Oh the joy of reworking and reworking again. Keep it up. You are doing a wonderful job.