The Year of the Green Wood Goat (or Sheep)

The Baren Forum, a collective of relief printmakers working in woodblock, is having their annual Chinese New Year exchange. I've participated in an exchange before with my ginger root print and am excited to see everyone's version!

Exchanges are so cool because you get to examine someone else's work close up without the security guard coming and standing behind you like in a gallery or museum. You can analyze every mark—the ink, the pressure, the technique, and especially the papers. Oh the papers! I love being able to touch all the different handmade washi and Western papers. 

I've been making a few sketches over the past week and just didn't love any of them until last night. The idea of having this year riding on last year's back and the upcoming year just out of reach. Yes, that was the one. From the response I've been getting on Facebook, others agree.
Sketch for the upcoming Chinese New Year-2015
I can't wait to get home and start transferring the design to tengucho paper. Tengucho is a thin paper made of delicate Kozo (Mulberry) fibers and looks like tissue paper. It isn't a weak paper though. It is very strong for its 2 gram weight. Once the image is transferred, the tengucho is glued to the block with nori (rice paste) and left to dry. I'll update my progress on the blog so you can see the entire process.

I love falling in love with a drawing. It is all I want to do. It is all I can think about until the final prints are packaged. Then, because I'm fickle, I'll fall in love with another drawing. 

This edition will be available at my Etsy shop once completed. I make small editions, so be there or be square. lol.

Also, the GoFundMe campaign, has been going well! So far $157 of the goal has been raised towards the purchase of a Conrad E-15 Printing press. This press will expand my abilities and increase my potential. See my previous blog, or go directly to the source at Go Fund Me to find out more! (Thanks!)