Progression of an illustration

Progression of an illustration, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

At 45 I went back to college. I have 5 classes to take before I graduate from Northern Illinois University's Illustration program. The classes are 437, 438a, 438b, 2D animation, and 406. Hopefully I will graduate in December of 2013, unless the Apocalypse happens on 12-21-2012, then I guess I'll never have that diploma for all eternity. Heh.

The project shown above is my first for 438a - Advanced Illustration. It is based on the word "epic." I chose to portray the epic struggle of personal revelation. The imagery is rooted in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. Sure, there aren't the right number of horns and there aren't any crowns; but that was irrelevant to the meaning and emotion to the piece, so it wasn't important for me to have an exact representation.

There is so much to our thoughts, emotions and experiences - of which we are not aware until we take the time to slow down, put away the distractions of this day and age and sit quietly - listening to our inner voice. Too often that voice is drown out from our everyday life.

Recently I was blessed enough to purchase a car! It is a 2002 Honda Civic with 134,000 miles on it. Having this new found freedom after a year and half of asking for rides or riding my bicycle is heaven! This car doesn't have a radio, though. There isn't any distraction other than the act of driving.

I have to admit the quietness is uncomfortable. I am forced to listen to that quietness. Not that it is a bad thing, usually I'm thinking to myself how beautiful that tree is or "pay attention to that guy in front of me" - nothing earth shattering . But even then, I want to turn away and not listen. I reach for the radio button that is not there.

A struggle I have been going through over the past many months has my inner thoughts, fears and insecurities going overtime. They turn and jumble, twisting in and around themselves. I haven't been able to tame them. I question the logic of them and find there is no logic to interject. This creates a perpetual circle of thought which needs to be broken through an extended break and time for quiet to enter into my life.

The profile is looking up and to the right - looking towards good and better days. The light is coming from the mouth - because it is what our inner dialog tells us that creates our perception. Hopefully that perception will bring light to the experience.
There is only a profile and not a face because who we are is not what others see on the outside, but our thoughts, memories and experiences.

Above shows the progression of an illustration and also an illustration showing my progression through life.
"EPIC" 438a-Project I


This, my friend, is freedom!

This, my friend, is freedom!, originally uploaded by pejnolan.