"Eagle Tower Remembered"

My latest intaglio print created using the dry etch technique is entitled "Eagle Tower Remembered" is hot off the press (literally).
"Eagle Tower Remembered" An intaglio using the dry etch technique by Erin K. Nolan.
It is just in time for Plum Bottom Pottery's  "Process: A 2D Exploration" on Sunday, Aug. 16th from 3–7 p.m. for their annual showcase of new work from artists working in two dimensions. I'll be at the gallery demonstrating the art of woodblock printmaking! Come on over and say, "hi!"

"Eagle Tower Remembered" inked and ready for the first run through through the press!
Eagle Tower is a 75-foot wooden lookout that soars 250-feet straight up over the waters of Green Bay. It offered spectacular views of the small islands surrounding Peninsula Park near Fish Creek, Door County, WI, USA. Originally the tower was built by hand in 1914 for just $1,061.92. It was rebuilt in 1932 and has been one of the many attractions to thousands Door County visitors over generations.

View from the top of Eagle Tower over Green Bay.
In April, 2015 the 83-year-old tower was closed by the Department of Natural Resources citing structural deficiencies. I remember climbing to the top and feeling the tower sway in the breeze as my grandparents cheered me on from below! Safety was not a huge concern way back in the day and the building does not match current safety regulations. It also does not have any accessibility for those who are disabled. There is a possibility that it could be rebuilt some time in the future, but it will never be the same dangerous, dizzying thrill climb that it once was. 

Eagle Tower's shadow over the paths of Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek, WI.
So, in memory of the tower as it is. Now. In 2015, I've created this image for me to remember:
  • each time I tripped on one of the stairs (imaging I would fall through and tumble down the bluff to my demise)
  • watched a eagle soar silently past.
  • viewed a blazing sunset dip behind the bay
  • heard my grandparent's cheers as I bravely climbed the tower by myself for the first time
  • felt my legs shaking as I reached the top
  • looked up to see the top of the tower and lost my balance because it was so high
  • wondered as a child if I spit from the top would it make it to the ground ( I never did)
  • dreamed of squirting my water bottle at unsuspecting people below (I never did)
  • saw schools of fish swimming and darting like shadows in the water
  • and felt my stomach turn into butterflied as I bravely peeked over the edge and conquered my fear of heights
Hopefully you had some of the same memories. If you were never so lucky to climb the tower, Here is a video from the Door County Navigator. (Notice the "guard" rails! No safety what-so-ever! And that's how we liked it!)
View more of Erin's artwork at www.erinknolan.com!
HUGE shout out to Jon Jarosh, the Director of Communications and PR at the Door County Visitor Bureau in Sturgeon Bay for giving permission to use his aerial photo as a reference for "Eagle Tower Remembered." Jon—I'm so glad I didn't use my first idea and buy a drone Thanks so much for the advice and the reference material!