"Man-Child" - B&W

"Man-Child" - B&W, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I am beginning to understand the neccesity of good quality materials when making a print. My technique, I think, is improving as well. This last set of prints I noticed the ink was just right when it was rolled with light pressure yet stuck to the glass as if there was a vaccuum. A little ink goes a long way. Before I tried to slop a bunch on. Now I understand that I don't have to forcebly roll the ink on the block, gentle pressure is enough. Plus, I'm less likely to put ink smudges on the areas of white space. This paper is amazing. Sometimes the hemp fibers fall off and attach themselves to the block. I have to keep an eye for this and pick the fibers off, but is is worth it. The paper soaks the ink in without feathering. I'm left with a crispness I didn't see in the kitakata - although I love that paper, too, but for different reasons. Black ink on white Kinwahi paper.
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*** Kinwahi paper is Machinemade in Japan of 100% manila hemp. These translucent sheets are embedded with short straight fibers. One side of the sheet is very smooth and ideal for lithography, monoprinting, wood cut, and linoleum cut printing. Although called a white paper, these sheets have a slight buff/eggshell color to them.


Oh, you just wait!

Today I shirked my familial duties and was at the studio all day. It felt wonderful and I accomplished so much! I have all my print submissions finished and they are ready to send off. Afterwards, invited Robayre and Onnonayume over to make felt pins. Onnonayume couldn't make it today, but we'll get together again this week for another pin party. So, Robayre and I went shopping for art supplies and stopped by a pet store. We saw Russian box turtles, THE most adorable little puppies, lizards, kittens, goldfish. Walking out, half of me felt warm and fuzzy and half felt sad that I was leaving the little things behind. It's a good thing that I have the best little dog in the world at home or I would have been tempted. I can't wait to show you the pin and prints. Unfortunately I left my camera at home. Robayre has the photos on her camera and I'll post them as soon as I can. In the meantime, peace to you.


Why do you blog?

Rosa Murillo asked why people blog. It must have struck a chord with me. Here was my answer:
The question you raise is one that I just took for granted. I started blogging because I'm from a small midwestern town in the United States.

I've met creative people from all over the world. It not only expands my horizons, but my concern for individuals far, far away. If a contact lives in a country where political unrest is reported on the news, it becomes more than just a story about some country way over on the other side of the world. It becomes personal. That is a good thing. We're all part of this world together.

Blogging also introduces me to like-minded people. Growing up I felt so different. I didn't have that drive to "fit in" like everyone else seemed to. I wanted to think for myself and try new things. Lo and behold, there are other people in the world who what the same thing. They just were not in my immediate area.

Lastly, I think I blog so I can look back and remember where I've come from, what I've done. I've always imagined that when I get old, I would make a book of each and every blog or Flickr page. I would read and re-read my whole life. I'd be able to share it with others who didn't know me way back in the day... like my caregivers, or grandchildren. Maybe I would have Alzheimer's. I could read my life over just like in the movie "The Notebook."

Man-Child hand-lifted linocut

Man-Child hand-lifted linocut, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

It is such a thrill to cut the linework for a linocut, but never actually seeing what the result will be. That is until I ink it for the first time and it comes to life. It is working like crazy, hoping and imagining, wanting and praying, investing a bit of yourself; then seeing it in the real world for the first time - THAT is an awesome, albeight fleeting, moment. After that initial high, I get to make prints. Each one has unique characteristics. Pulling the paper off each time gives another momentary rush of excitement.


Man-Child, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

The trees are changing color and some dry, dead leaves were in our yard today. The cicadas are singing. Nights are cooling down. Winter: I can't hardly stand to type, let alone, say the word. Regardless, it is coming just around the corner. Bur first there will be honey-crisp apples, cider doughnuts, the county fair, pumpkin-carving, the corn stalk maze, and golden trees with firey red neighbors. Autumn.

This is an artist proof of my latest linocut entitled, "Man-Child." It -shows a between time in life. My son and I are both in the midst of a tween time: he is going through adolesence, I'm going through mid life. Funny that we should be going through 'tween times together.

There are areas that I'll continue to work on, but I wanted to share this with everyone. It is my fourth block ever and I finally am getting closer to they way I want to work with pattern and texture. It is definitely not my brother's style. It seems whenever I try a new technique it takes some time before I feel comfortable enough to do my own work in my own style. I usually use someone else's art as inspiration first, then I become more at ease and actually begin creating. Despite finding areas to rework, I'm really pleased with this. P. purchased a new brayer and Dick Blick ink for my birthday - both made printing so much easier! Great buys! Thanks P.!

Tonight, 1:30am, Grace started barking at the raccoons on our rooftop. Good dog. Thank you for protecting our family from those crazy, rabid raccoons. You did your job. Now I can't sleep. I wan't to so badly. Nope! Wide awake!


New project

New project, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Banner day! My goal at the beginning of this year was to have a show in a gallery and today I received a phone call from the DeKalb Area Women's Group to have a solo show in December. That month is great because they also have their annual fine art fair for the holiday which equals higher visability. It is a great start and more people will see what I do. I was so excited that after dinner (enchiladas, yum!) I went over to the studio and started another linocut. I've been thinking about it for awhile, so I knew just how to begin. Before leaving for the night, I made a rubbing to see where I was at. So far, I'm happy with the result. I'm slowly learning more about technique and the actual printing process. Listening to my brother talk, I realize how many mistakes I'm making. That is a positive thing, though, because that means I'm improving and gettin' all educational-i-ma-tized 'bout me faults.

Dakokichi - even when I don't look like I'm listening, I am. Thanks.


Huskies On Parade: Completion

Where to begin when the project is already completed? (View the documentation here.The time has flown by in a haze of Mountain Dew and sleeplessness and thanks to Robayre and Onnanoyume the project is finished...dated and signed...on time. The night it was done, I felt like crying. How can a person grow so attached to an inanimate object? But, in the morning, I was excited to see how the client would receive it. All morning at work people were talking about it congratulating me on a job well done and that made me feel pretty durn good, but a little embarrassed by the attention. I am proud. It was hard work and I am happy with the results. This is the largest project I've taken on since, well, since forever. All the stress in coming out as a migraine tonight. Was it worth it? Oh, yeah, baby - was it ever. Well, ON TO THE NEXT PROJECT! CHARGE!


Phase 4: adding copper tape leading

I really enjoy how it makes the piece shine, but I'm torn between leaving the copper as is or using a patina to make it green or black. I wouldn't have to worry about oxidation if I left it because it will eventually be covered by an automotive clear coat. What do you think?

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Introducnig Sogen!

Introducig Sogen!, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

My niece who is in grade school was staying with my mom over the weekend. When I stopped for a visit, she handed me the most extraordinary handbag with a matching mini bag! I thought my mom had helped her, but No! she had made it entirely herself and had made my mother one as well! Along with her other aunt, we came up with a company name and are going to give it a go on Etsy. Maybe she could raise money to go to college! It was so cute how she had a business plan and everything. This is just an idea for a label - Ms. Sogen hasn't seen it yet.