Man-Child, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

The trees are changing color and some dry, dead leaves were in our yard today. The cicadas are singing. Nights are cooling down. Winter: I can't hardly stand to type, let alone, say the word. Regardless, it is coming just around the corner. Bur first there will be honey-crisp apples, cider doughnuts, the county fair, pumpkin-carving, the corn stalk maze, and golden trees with firey red neighbors. Autumn.

This is an artist proof of my latest linocut entitled, "Man-Child." It -shows a between time in life. My son and I are both in the midst of a tween time: he is going through adolesence, I'm going through mid life. Funny that we should be going through 'tween times together.

There are areas that I'll continue to work on, but I wanted to share this with everyone. It is my fourth block ever and I finally am getting closer to they way I want to work with pattern and texture. It is definitely not my brother's style. It seems whenever I try a new technique it takes some time before I feel comfortable enough to do my own work in my own style. I usually use someone else's art as inspiration first, then I become more at ease and actually begin creating. Despite finding areas to rework, I'm really pleased with this. P. purchased a new brayer and Dick Blick ink for my birthday - both made printing so much easier! Great buys! Thanks P.!

Tonight, 1:30am, Grace started barking at the raccoons on our rooftop. Good dog. Thank you for protecting our family from those crazy, rabid raccoons. You did your job. Now I can't sleep. I wan't to so badly. Nope! Wide awake!

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