"Man-Child" - B&W

"Man-Child" - B&W, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I am beginning to understand the neccesity of good quality materials when making a print. My technique, I think, is improving as well. This last set of prints I noticed the ink was just right when it was rolled with light pressure yet stuck to the glass as if there was a vaccuum. A little ink goes a long way. Before I tried to slop a bunch on. Now I understand that I don't have to forcebly roll the ink on the block, gentle pressure is enough. Plus, I'm less likely to put ink smudges on the areas of white space. This paper is amazing. Sometimes the hemp fibers fall off and attach themselves to the block. I have to keep an eye for this and pick the fibers off, but is is worth it. The paper soaks the ink in without feathering. I'm left with a crispness I didn't see in the kitakata - although I love that paper, too, but for different reasons. Black ink on white Kinwahi paper.
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*** Kinwahi paper is Machinemade in Japan of 100% manila hemp. These translucent sheets are embedded with short straight fibers. One side of the sheet is very smooth and ideal for lithography, monoprinting, wood cut, and linoleum cut printing. Although called a white paper, these sheets have a slight buff/eggshell color to them.

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