Huskies On Parade: Completion

Where to begin when the project is already completed? (View the documentation here.The time has flown by in a haze of Mountain Dew and sleeplessness and thanks to Robayre and Onnanoyume the project is finished...dated and signed...on time. The night it was done, I felt like crying. How can a person grow so attached to an inanimate object? But, in the morning, I was excited to see how the client would receive it. All morning at work people were talking about it congratulating me on a job well done and that made me feel pretty durn good, but a little embarrassed by the attention. I am proud. It was hard work and I am happy with the results. This is the largest project I've taken on since, well, since forever. All the stress in coming out as a migraine tonight. Was it worth it? Oh, yeah, baby - was it ever. Well, ON TO THE NEXT PROJECT! CHARGE!

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sheasy said...

These are amazing! I can see how you could become attached to these as I wouldn't mind having them in my family!!