Organic Narrative Art Card

Organic Narrative Art Card, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Well, I've sent it to the printer. If there are any mistakes on it, please don't tell me. I just couldn't take it. 500 are on order, if you would like one, just send me your address and I'll mail one out to you when they arrive! Or, better yet, come to the artist reception December 7th, 2-4pm at the DeKalb Area Women's Center and pick up a card there. I'm getting nervous again. It's been almost a full month since I've worked on anything due to the studio move. I don't even have a work area set up yet. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Here is some of my thinking behind the card design:
I'm billing the show as "Organic Narrative: The artist’s life experience shown symbolically through acrylic, metalwork, and print making." Organic not only refers to my bio-morphic style, but my mind as well. The muted, earthy colors are my preferred palette. The border on the front of the card mimics a book which goes back to the narrative quality of my pieces. I hope this is a good show.

Earlier this week was awful. The angry-angst-y me prevailed. Like my boss said. I just don't like Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Now that Friday is here I'm happy-go-lucky-me once again.

Another note: Pirates vs. Ninjas tonight downtown at 5:30 - be there or be square.

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Two of my prints have been accepted into the F.U.E.L. Grand Small Works Show in Philadelphia for the show in December. The first is Man Child and the second is Cave Point Park

The F.U.E.L. Collection -- housed in a neoclassical building that was the former home of the Seamen’s Church Institute & the location of MTV’s Real World Philadelphia -- invites artists working in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, or collage to submit works no larger than 20 x 20 inches for the Grand Small Works Show, taking place in December 2008.

For this exhibition, F.U.E.L. will attempt to fit 1,000 small works in one show, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting local charities. Entry is by digital images. To apply, submit jpgs along with first and last name, e-mail, web site (if applicable), phone, location, titles of work/s, medium, and price range to submit@fuelcollection.com.

The deadline for submissions is on the 30th of October, so there is still time to enter!


IF - Sugary

IF - Sugary, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I haven't done Illustration Friday in ages! This week's work was "sugary." To me that means sickingly sweet. A five year old would love this, though. Some of the ideas were borrowed from the rules of cuteness at Cute Overload: Large eyes, large head, wet eyes and noses, proportionally small body, multiples, etc.

I haven't worked at the studio once since finishing the last Huskie on Parade. I really need to pack up and move. Darkness is creeping in sooner now that it is Autumn and the cool, dark weather makes me so sleepy - not to mention that I have a cold. Things will pick up. I guess now is a period to rest before the next surge of creative energy. I have to accept that I need these times to fill my tank so to speak.

heh-heh... just looking at the illustration again... it makes me gag it is so sweet.



Today I wrote my 30 day notice to the landlord for my studio. I'm a bit sad about it. I had such a good energy going there. It was my first leap of faith - that I could (and would) work more on my art. I look back in the 4 months I was there and the tremendous amount of quality work completed. That makes my heart happy. It's just saying goodbye that hurts. The natural lighting was superb and the black and white tiles were cool. I enjoyed watching people look up from the street and point while I was working. The scent of the Thai Pavilion across the was yummy. I got a cool table and bookshelf out of the deal, at least. I have until the 25th to move out.

There will still be a studio for me. Actually it will be closer, it's in the basement of my brother's new home. This time I'll have an area walled off just for me! There is a work sink - the better to clean my brushes with. I hope the good energy that I built up will transfer over to the new place. I'll be creating items for my upcoming shows and juried exhibitions, so I'm praying it will work out.

Everything is going so well in my life right now. I guess I'm just afraid that any change will disrupt that balance. I'll admit it: I fear change. I'll just have to pull myself up from the bootstraps, put on a happy face and go for it with the same determination I had at the first studio. There is so much in the world to be fearful of - especially of what MIGHT happen. The thought makes my mind race and makes it difficult to sleep. Not just the studio, but war, the economy, the house we live in, food and gas costs... everything. Even after years knowing that I have no control, I still cling to the belief (however minute) that I do. Letting go and letting God is much easier said than lived.