IF - Sugary

IF - Sugary, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I haven't done Illustration Friday in ages! This week's work was "sugary." To me that means sickingly sweet. A five year old would love this, though. Some of the ideas were borrowed from the rules of cuteness at Cute Overload: Large eyes, large head, wet eyes and noses, proportionally small body, multiples, etc.

I haven't worked at the studio once since finishing the last Huskie on Parade. I really need to pack up and move. Darkness is creeping in sooner now that it is Autumn and the cool, dark weather makes me so sleepy - not to mention that I have a cold. Things will pick up. I guess now is a period to rest before the next surge of creative energy. I have to accept that I need these times to fill my tank so to speak.

heh-heh... just looking at the illustration again... it makes me gag it is so sweet.

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