First proof of a new block

My son and I photographed his grandfather, Boppy, yesterday unbeknownst to him. We had a good 15 photo references to choose from by the end of our visit.

Bop is very animated when speaking - especially when it is a hot topic. This week's "fer or agin'" conversation was the proposed windmill farm just west of his farm.

I love his facial expressions as he speaks. When the reference photo for this proof was taken, he was listening intently to his son speaking. Bop was staring out the window as the sun was setting - exactly where the windmills will be if the proposition is passed. Maybe he was imagining how the new horizon would appear with these towering man-made structures dominating the landscape.

This print is intended not so much as a portrait of Boppy, but more of an emotional statement about change. An older man staring into the light, his hands folded in prayer - or are they being wrung with emotion? A new day is coming - change is coming, change never ends. It is either something to accept and look forward to or something that causes worry or dread. A new day, a new life: how will you welcome it?

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Amie Roman said...

Fantastic print; I can't wait to see the final, although the proof has a lot going for it - part of the appeal of the image is the loose quality of the transfer of image. It gives it even more of a sense of transience, and adds to the mood you're trying to capture. Really wonderful, E, thanks for sharing.