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Another step in the process of making PEJNOLAN Studios a reality. I've always wanted to own my own business, nothing huge. No glamorous fantasies, just a good solid little business. I've studied for years as to how to go about it. Now I've taken the plunge and there's no going back.

I've read my posts from the last year. So many of them are about what I've done and where I've gone. I've simply been stating the facts. I haven't shared what I've been thinking or capturing those beautiful, tranquil moments that I find amid the chaos of life. There have been many, many reasons for this.

Life kind of takes over once in awhile and the tenuous veil of control we think we have is torn in two. I could list everything that has happened, but then that would just be a list of more facts. I really want to delve deeper. So, rather than make a list of specific experiences; here is what I have learned (or maybe what I wish I could learn):

1. Hold on to the people you love because we are all mortal. Tell them how much they mean to you - SHOW them how much they mean to you.

2. See people for what they are. Look at what time and experience have proven this person or situation to be. All the talk in the world, all the good intentions – none of them trump actual action.

3. True friendships are few and far between. It is sad when they change.

4. I came into the world alone and I will leave the world alone. It is not a bad thing, it just is.

5. You may as well try for what you want because you don't get second chances.

6. Anxiety and worry don't help. Worrying about potential future events is counter-productive.

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