"Dude, RUN!"

"This Wednesday! You will be served for dinner... Moh-ha-ha-ha! Bring friends...More for me!"

I have loved this show since the beginning. I'm such a paranormal fiend. It makes me feel as if there is a heighten awareness - fight or flight. The only problem is afterwards, I have to go up the stairs - at night - by myself! Yikes! I don't even have a blankie to comfort me! I will freely admit that at times I leave the lights on at night.

Our house was built in 1877 and has only 2 families live in it that entire time. The first was the Charles Bloom family who immigrated from Sweden, they had two sons and one, I believe, died in WWI because there are no records of him after the war. The second family was my husband's. His grandparents, who immigrated from Ireland, purchased the home from Mr. Bloom. His wonderful aunt, a school teacher, lived here from the time she was a young woman. She cared for her parents as they became older and passed, then she cared for her sister when she became ill and passed on as well. Decades later, she became sick and died. She was such a beautiful person. I really admired her.

Anyway, we were lucky enough to live in the house afterwards. Sometimes when I am in the room when I am in that room, the cabinet door where the cleaning supplies are stored pops open of its own accord. I say out loud, "Aunt M., I'm sorry, I know I don't clean as well as you did, but I am doing the best I can." I hope she hears me and understands.

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