Revisiting Modern Japanese Prints

"Selected Works from the Richard F. Grott Family Collection"
This show contrasted the Eukiyo-e, woodblock prints of the Edo period and that of modern day.The different modern movements were sosaku-hanga, or "creative print," and the shin-hanga, or "new print." Shin-hanga was an effort to renew the Eukiyo-e print styles and conventions while the sosaku-hanga rejected these conventions in favor of self-expression and creativity of the individual artist.

The clean lines, cool colors, geomety and textures of "Snow at Kutsura" made it my favorite. It was also quite large for a woodblock print.

Print on the left:
Yoshida Hiroshi (1876-1950)
Title: Yamanaka Ko (Yamanaka Lake)
1978 reproduction of a print originally made in 1929, Edition: 62/300
Image: 16.75"x22.25"
Carver: Endσ Kσkyoku
Printers: Tochigi Yoshirσ, Ito Tσmoro
Richard F. Grott Family Collection

Print on right:
Clifton Karhu
Snow at Katsura (or Katsura Detached Palace)
1970, Woodcut, Edition: 38/50
Image: 15.5"x25.125"
Richard F. Grott Family Collection
It was great to have Al and Connie along to explain the intricacies of the art form. I know I would not have appreciated the prints in the same way without them along.

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