Dick Blick Trip

The Makers took a road trip to Dick Blick by the Woodfield mall to purchase art supplies since the store was having a major sale on canvas. As it turned out, the particular canvases I wanted were NOT on sale, but we had a coupon so it was alright.

I was fretting about what my next painting was going to be on the ride in, but then I saw ...angels begin to sing as light rays pour down on... a round canvas. Back in 2006 I had drawn my cat curled up like a circle with Sharpie markers. Since then it has faded slightly, but now it is the perfect subject to paint. It combines MY surroundings, MY stories, etc. and it does not copy the aboriginal art percisely. I will begin to use my own icons and symbols.

The ride home was nice because I was trying to think of how to tell the stories without words. When I was in college, a professor told me that my paintings and drawings told a story - that was not fine art, that was illustration. So, I had always felt slightly "less" when I made this type of art. Now I say, "Oh well, I can't seem to get away from it. It is part of who I am. What the heck, life is short. I'll do what I want regardless of whether or someone else approves. I approve and that is good enough."

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