HTML stinks

Well, I started trying to make the menu buttons for this blog at about 4:00pm *cough* while admittedly I was still at work. First I had to research how to make an image show up online, next I needed to know how to upload said image and find it's URL, THEN I had to find out how to make that image a hyperlink.

Let me further explain that at one time I considered myself technologically adept on a computer. My friends and family would come to me with all their tech questions. Now I have been reduced to not really knowing what a "hyperlink" was... in the words of someone very close to me... "what a n00b!" (You know who you are.)

For the finale, I had to find out how to make a good looking menu button in photoshop. I USE Photoshop everyday, you would think I could figure out how to make a stupid little button. It was so easy, I thought like a new dad building his first bicycle, I don't need instructions. Sheesh! *toss of head* Well, I tried three times creating, uploading, fiddling, pounding fist, etc. Until I found a little tutorial video here .

FINALLY, my prize was won and I am the proud owner of the cute little buttons at the right. It only took my five hours, one hungry family, one ignored puppy, and a headache. Was it worth it? Heck, yeah! If anyone needs help making menu buttons - I'm there for you, baby. Friends don't let friends try to make web buttons themselves.


Annika Sandin said...

I know how you feel. I've been working as a graphic designer for the last 25 years. At the moment I'm taking a multimedia course for 20 weeks including Flash, Dreamweaver etc. Thought it would be easy as I "always" know what I'm doing. Ha ha! How wrong could i be?! I'm suffering! But it's fun as well, of course :)
(My elbows hurts...)

pejnolan said...

Yeah. I had asked my teenager if he knew HTML hoping he could help me. He was busy playing a video game and said "no." At the end of the night I showed him what I did, being so proud. "Mom, I know how to do that!" Then he showed me strings and strings of code that he created... he just didn't know it was called html. ARRRRGH!