Creative Thinking

At work, I have an important client that could mean a great deal to the small company I work for. The idea is to come up with something that will hold it's own against a wonderful painting by Julie Kiefer-Bell .

How on earth could I do something like that? As soon as I saw it it became my entire environment, like I could walk into it. Then I noticed the way the brush was used, how the canvas' texture showed in some areas, how the glowing light was achieved. I absolutely LOVE this painting. Georgia O'Keefe is one of my favorite artists and I can see similarities between these two artists.

I drew up some ideas on my own and then went to the production department gurus to see which of the ideas were plausible and which were physically impossible. I could tell right away which ideas were good because other people would get excited about it as well and want to help out.

We went to work mocking up small scale samples. One of the ideas (left, center) was to print one photo onto textured substrate and cut it as the warp. The weft was then printed using another photo. The two images are then woven together. The effect is warm, inviting, and colorful just like the client requested. I think they will really like it. So far, as a team, we have developed 4 separate designs. I'm excited! When they are finished I'll share photos, but not how-to's (trade secrets ya know.)

On the home front, my most recent painting is coming together slowly but surely. Again, I can't wait until it's completion so I can share it with everyone!

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I love reading your blog and seeing your fun and creative things you have posted!!!