The Good, The Bad, and Ugly

I woke up this morning groggy, swollen, stiff... basically old. I've been staying up late painting which explains most my a.m. ailments. So when I checked the email and discovered the heron pendant (left) was purchased at my
Etsy Shop, my day suddenly became brighter. Yay!


The afternoon came and cooled my giddiness. I had my usual appointment with my doctor regarding my high-cholesterol-high-triglycerides-low'"good"-cholesterol-high-"bad"-cholesterol-thang. Everything was higher than last time! Oh, right. Everything was high except the "good cholesterol, which was down.

I type it with an exclamation because, as I finally admitted to my doctor, I had filled my prescription for the first time right after my last visit. (I was supposed to be taking it for about 9 months already.) So, I DON'T use medication and it cuts itself in half? I USE the medication and it's back up? What the heck? Jeepers!

I still had a sale, though. So, life is good. Thanks, Mar!

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