Research for work in progress

I've mentioned before that my current painting is of a seahorse. Why? I don't know... They are exotic, otherworldly, peaceful, patient,small creatures. I want to be able to post the painting RIGHT NOW(!) because I am so excited about its development. As I painted "Crocodile Dinner" I regained knowledge on patterns, textures, contrast and color using a limited pallet. This one is SO much better and I can't wait for it to be completed, but I have to pace myself. I don't want to ruin the strides I've achomplished. While the previous painting showed action, this painting shows calm.

I drew this funny little shrimp character as how I imagined a shrimp to be. Then I did research to find out exactly what one looks like and which types a seahorse eats. I thought shrimp were similar to crayfish in that their legs were attached just below the main shell of the body and the gills were in the tail. Being from the Midwest and seeing more corn and beans than shrimp, how was I to know? I guess shrimp's "legs" are IN their tail and they swim backwards. This particular type also has a little spike on the back with barbs. I wonder if that is a type of protection from predators?

Anywho, research is so much fun. I get almost fanatical. It's like I am obsessive-compulsive. I ask myself a question and look for the answer which, in turn, leads me to ask ten more questions. Those questions just HAVE to be answered as well until it spirals out of control I literally have stayed up all night "learning." The sad part is that my memory is so horrible that by the next day I've completely forgotten everything. I just hope that it just seeps deep down into my brain and jumps out as subconscious twists and turns when I need to be creative.

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