My favorite things and me

My favorite things and me, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Over the course of the summer and autumn, I've collected various dried moonflower seedpods, berries, thistles, chestnuts and other nifty items such as cicada wings. As I find these treasures, I bring them home and place them safely on a wooden plate I have in my room. (Much to the horror of my husband. He says that I am like Bob, the stray cat, who brings home presents that no one wants to see. If I am honest, I would have to say that was true. Especially the time I brought home a dead garter snake so I could photograph it.)

In my own mind they were kept for inspiration. Each one has it's own unique texture. Some are sharp and quite painful to handle, but they are beautiful in their own way and I want to keep them around.

nature findingsGetting ready in the morning.

........ Bottom Layer....................... Top Layer........

Working in Photoshop, I layered a recent self-portrait I had taken with a photo of this plate of sundry items. The top layer's blending mode was set to "difference." The result is shown above.

Now my favorite things are a part of me and I, in turn, am a part of them. I'm really happy with the result and would maybe like to paint it in acrylic or watercolor or pastel.

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