cricket & sparrow show

After all the hard work and all the worry, the cricket and sparrow show is up and running. Gallery director, Michelle Erickson-Goettel and her assistant, Ronna did a fantastic job setting up the show. The lighting and placement of the pieces was just right.

As always there are things I will do differently next time around. I am so very glad to have had this opportunity to learn more about marketing and the display of artwork in a gallery setting.

cricket & sparrow show, Kishwaukee College Gallerycricket & sparrow show, Kishwaukee College Gallery

That is one of the most difficult parts about being an artist. I'm not just creating art, I am a business person, accountant, advertiser, marketer, promoter, etc. All that other stuff takes me away from the artwork itself. I have to be extremely focused and targeted about what it is I'm trying to achieve because I only have a limited amount of time with which to do it.

Many years ago when I was a student, I naively thought that it would be easier to be an artist because that is all I would do. Instead you have even more work with tighter deadlines and more of the un-art activities to accomplish. That is just talking about the art side of my life. My husband does A LOT of housework, he spends A LOT of time alone and home-cooked meals are disappearing fast. I regret parts of this new set-up. Luckily he understands how important this is to me.

That is a good thing in the long run. Every time I push myself to do something new, I am learning and building the groundwork that will lift me to the next level. I have been very blessed.

me at the cricket & sparrow showcricket & sparrow show, Kishwaukee College Gallery

I'll continue to do the best I personally can; hopefully growing as a person and an artist along the way. Years ago it was all about balance: juggling family, home, art, day-job. I'm thinking now that if I want something, I have to go after it.

I no longer subscribe to the idea that balance is possible. Balance to me equals not being particularly good at anything, just so-so at a myriad of things. I've done that and felt like a failure because I could not do EVERYTHING well. God gave me a mind and a talent and I want to use them. If that idea is selfish, so be it.

I have lived 40 years, I may have 40 left. I have to ask myself if I want to spend the next half of my life the same as the first. No. No I don't. So, I have to at least try. If I fail, then ok. I will at least have the knowledge that I didn't go down quietly. It's the trying that counts.

cricket & sparrow show, Kishwaukee College Gallery

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becky said...

Hi Erin, congrats on your show- that's awesome!!!
I can understand that struggle for balance... i don't know if it is attainable, but i haven't given up hope! But you do seem to be doing well, and pursuing your dreams, which is wonderful. You are fortunate, i believe to have such a supportive husband!
And I seriously doubt that you'd "fail!"
:) Yup, there's something to be said for giving it your all...