"The Best Job in the World"

Interior Design Graphics, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I've long stated that my current employer has given me "the best job in the world." I've worked with them since August, 2006 and they have allowed me the opportunity to use my graphic design, Illustration, and organizational skills to their fullest. It has always been challenging and very rewarding.

Along the way, my boss would bring in donuts and treats, plus buy us pizza every so often. The people make up more than 50% of my job satisfaction rating. I work with some great people.

The economy has forced a reorganization or sorts starting in December. Ahh, thanks for the memories.

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becky said...

Does that mean you will lose the position? Gosh it sounds like a wonderful place to work. Everyone should be so lucky. It seems a lot of jobs today- they will work you to the point of exhaustion without a blink of an eye! Well, good luck!