I love productive days!

So much to do! Today was spend entirely in the studio. I cut out my submission for the "Year of the Rabbit," drew a ginger root for the Baren Forum #47 print exchange and transferred it to the woodblock, and worked on a couple pieces for Bliss Bead's Holiday Art Show.

Ginger root transfered to block

Tomorrow, I'll be documenting, packaging and pricing my most recent works. Hopefully there will be enough time left over to cut the the ginger root block. I also would really like to get at least one small holiday piece into my Etsy store.

A framed"Ellison Bay Bluff" print sold at Plum Bottom and that is a very good thing! Thank you so much! I'm running low on nori paste and papers. I have been wanting to get some Aquacolor inks and bake brushes, too! The purchase of the print will go a long way to purchasing some needed supplies!

Al mentioned today that the Sandhill Cranes are back at Afton—just passing through while migrating. It was very cold and I had too much work to do in the studio, but it did my heart some good to know that they were there.

Elinor was kind enough to share her delicious homemade three layer chocolate cake with me while I was on break from carving. So yummy(!) with boiled frosting and a tall cold glass of soy milk. That really hit the spot!

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