By Phil Cuthbert, master doll artist

Last weekend, I met some incredible artists at the Art Walk in Sycamore, Illinois to benefit the Art Attack School of Art.

I want to introduce you to the work of Sycamore, Illinois artist Phil Cuthbert. He is a Master Doll Artist. The level of detail he uses in his polymer clay sculputres is undeniable.

He told me that when he created a doll of Indiana Jones, he called the people who made the original whip for the movie and used the same leather that was used for the original whip. In the Native American doll below he used real porcupine quills, bear hair, and peace-pipe stone. They are incredible to look at! In the photo below he is working on Marty McFly for the third time. He said the first time he made it, it just wasn't right so he scratched that version. The second time it was perfect and he put it in the oven to bake, but then his wife mistakenly turned the heat up to 450F to bake a pizza without checking to see if it was already on. Whoops! That one was a gonner. So, here is the third version on top of his toolbox.


His work appears in museums and private collections throughout the country and he accepts commissons with prices ranging from $500-$200 depending on complexity. If you want to reach him his email is pcuthbert at comcast dot net.

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