Jim Meyer, Woodblock Prints

So, here I was wandering around Facebook and came across this woodblock print artist from Minnesota named Jim Meyer. I wish I could just grab a screenshot of one of his prints, but somehow I don't that that would be right despitre free use laws. Instead I'll give you an link and you HAVE to promise me you will go look at his work! Promise? Here is the link.

I'll wait while you parouse his site.
. . .

See! Loook at the subtly colored blocks. Look at the woodgrain he is capturing and the registration and clean lines. I want to learn moku hanga from THIS guy. Below is a statement from the artist:

My aim is to make art that reflects the mystery and beauty of the creation. Hand-printed woodblock prints are well suited for that purpose—they are organic, low-tech, and require the patience of the skilled manual arts. Visually, they tend to be honest and strong.

I’ve been working with woodblock prints for about twenty years, starting in commercial art—making illustrations for advertising, design, and publishing—and then showing in galleries.

(side note: Michael, he has shown at the Silverwood Gallery on Vashon Island back in 1997.)

I've contacted Spudnik Press on Hubbard Street in Chicago to ask if they would offer a moku hanga class and they said it might be possible this winter or spring! Awesome!

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