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Starline Gallery & Studios, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I was invited to the "Art of the Land" show by Mary at the Old Courthouse Gallery in Woodstock, Illinois after showing at their "Woman's Works" show. I have to thank her so much for introducing me to this benefit for The Land Concervancy of McHenry County (TLC). It is so cool to know that sales of my artwork will be going toward saving lands that future generations will be able to admire, walk, and hike in.

Starline Art of the LandErin K. Nolan by artwork

This past weekend at the "Art of the Land" benefit was just wonderful. I want to thank the patrons who generously purchased my work. I would be interested to hear from you!

1. Mr. Anderson's Magnolia: SOLD
2. Surface Tension: SOLD
3. Eaeth Goddess: SOLD
4. Blue Heron: SOLD
5. Blue Heron: SOLD
6. Dragonfly (unframed): SOLD

Art of the Land

The food, the wine, the people and conversations made the evening memorable. I met so many other wonderful artists such as photographer Angela Swan, intuitive painter Laura Brown, a freaking awesome jeweley artits Leanne and Ivan at Triskele Moon Studios ...seriously, check them out!Another artist who uses lost wax casting of natural items such as dragonfly and cicada wings, burr oak leaves, etc. His name is Paul DeMuth and works under the name of Silver Cloud (silvercloud.net).

A&E at Art of the LandA's Peppermint Waxwing

The bar's name for the evening was "The Green Bastards Bar." I guess one of the members of The Land Conservancy was at a board meeting objecting to a change of land use and the opposing side said, "Sure, let those "green" bastards have their way." So, that is now the name of the wine bar. It cracked me up. Having a great sense of humor can go a lot farther in furthering an agenda than fighting anger with anger. That was awesome!

Spoon-i-pedeA's photo Art of the Land

I can't wait for next year! Thanks to Cheryl Perrone and all the organizers–you did one fantastic job organizing this event. Thank you for your hospitality.

Starline Gallery & Studios interior

The space at the Starline Gallery is top notch. I highly recommend it. The building's 100 year old history includes housing a manufacturer of toy bicycles and a farm implements manufacturer. The building itself takes up three blocks and the interior is an expanse of thick wood timbers reminiscent of a forrest, old brick and stone. Despite it's age, or maybe because of it, the space has a warm and inviting, yet modern clean feel. All the modern conveniences have been added as well. Plus, it is right on the Metra line for convenience.

Starline windows

Paul and Al & Elinor and I found the old boiler room. It is the largest boiler in McHenry County and was one of the old "twin sisters" boilers. Now it has been retrofitted into an awesome greenhouse space with patio furniture and a golden chandelier!

Starline Boiler RoomStarline Boiler Room

We were looking at one of the old photos which was mounted on the wall outside the boiler room. It showed someone working a monstrous machine which bent huge thick pieces of metal. The man sitting before it didn't have any safety equipment around him. Paul, my husband, came up and said "Oh, that's ol' 'Bendy' he was a great guy, but had only three fingers on one hand." We all laughed and talked about doing EVP work with ol' Bendy. I guess we have a sick sense of humor.

Starline Boiler Room turned greenhouse

I felt so good when I came back home, that I went right to the studio finishing up a block I've been working on and drawing another that I had time to glue onto the block with nori paste.

ready to carve

Next stop... Sycamore's Art Walk: a benefit for the Art Attack School of Art in Sycamore, Illinois on Saturday, October 2, 2010 from1–7 pm. I'll be at the Taxco Restaurant right downtown.

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