A sneak peek

a sneak peek, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Last weekend was the printmaking marathon. Saturday was spent getting all the materials organized, the frames ordered and paper purchased while Sunday I started printing at 7am and went to 10pm that night.

Towards the end of the night I was hand painting and signing the editions. I could tell I had stayed up too late and had begun to make some poor color choices, so I ended up going home rather than ruin any more prints.

Now, the weekend is here once again! (Well, almost.) This is the last weekend I'll have before the "cricket and sparrow" show at Kishwaukee College. Tomorrow night there are plans to go out to dinner and Sunday is the famous Steciak Chili cook-off, so Saturday will be another marathon of printmaking activities! YAY!

The photo above is a new print entitled "What A Tangled Web We Weave." It shows in perspective the branches of a tree as you look up from below. It is about how when I look to my future, trying to make it through seems impossible because of the shear mass. How on earth can I do all of this? I become overwhelmed.

However, if I just choose a path, am careful, and take it one step at a time; I am able to climb those branches right in front of me. By doing so, I come to realize over time that even those thin, far away branches will be there for me if I just keep climbing. I just need to work in the now and keep everything in perspective.

Nature teaches me quite a lot through simple observation.

the print developing as the baren is used

This photo shows another print developing under the baren…

When the "cricket & sparrow" show begins, I'll post more photos of the new blocks!

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