Mr. Anderson's Magnolia

Mr. Anderson's Magnolia, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

So, this is the first pull from my first 4-color woodblock print. I'm liking the way it is coming along, but I see everything that needs to be fixed as well.

As carefully as I tried to ensure there would be no extraneous cut marks that received ink, it still managed to be full of them - especially the pink block.

Also, I had ordered white ink from Graphic Chemical, but they canceled my order stating that they had no more in stock and they didn't know when or if they would have any more. So I used white acrylic paint with the red water-based ink because it was the only thing I had on hand. I do not like the color. I want a true pink, not a salmon. I'll have to try something else.

I used goyu washi for this first test. I think kitakata would work better. It gives a more crisp print and I think the ivory / off-white tone would work better as branches.


Japanese Beetle (detail)

Japanese Beetle detail, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

When one carves a four color block print, but is too anxious to print it because of fear regarding registration, how does one procrastinate? By making a 3-color block print of course!

I've carved all the magnolia blocks, but have to work up the courage to print it. I couldn't quite get there over the weekend- even after carving and printing from 12-noon until 10 pm. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Hopefully I'll do it soon! The Ellwood House Show is in less than a week and I wanted to submit it to the A4 International Print Show in Great Britain, but the deadline is in 2 days! Yikes!

Some more wonderful news today! My "Blue Heron" print will be on the cover of KNOCK Magazine in Door County! I am just thrilled and wish I could be up there for the Opening on Thursday, July 15th at Plum Bottom Pottery and Gallery in Egg Harbor . It will be catered and there will be wine served.

Plum Bottom Pottery can be visited at 4999 Plum Bottom Road. To visit travel 4.5 miles south of Egg Harbor on Highway 42, then left (east) on Plum Bottom Road (1 mile). For more information about the event or artwork call http://www.facebook.com/l/bd806;920.743.2819 or visit Plum Bottom’s web site http://www.facebook.com/l/bd806;www.PlumBottomPottery.com.


DeKalb Meetup Group

Meetup.com, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I just joined a group on Meetup.com called the DeKalb Area Outdoor Activities and Social Group. They get together and do things like bike, canoe, raft, hike, etc. Afterwards they meet at Twin Tap. If you are interested in joining, go to www.meetup.com and do a search.

I did this logo just for fun... I'll see what they think. It uses the wings from the old DeKalb Seed logo.

DeKalb Chronicle A&E Featured Artist

Featured Artist, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Last week I was interviewed by the DeKalb Chronicle and a few days later they provided a photographer for a photoshoot. It was fun showing them my studio and my techniques for printmaking.

Caitlin, the reporter, had to cancel our first appointment. She said there was a report of shots fired at University Village. I learned at our follow-up meeting that some kids had heard a car backfire and they assumed it was a gun. It is scary when that is the first thing people would assume in the "small-town America" known as DeKalb.

I was really unsure about what to say during an interview, but Caitlin made me feel comfortable and kept the conversation going. One thing I learned, thought, is I need to find other adjectives besides "very" and "really." I could also cut out extraneous phrases and the use of the word "got" - really, Erin? "got?" You are better than that.

During the photoshoot I asked the photographer, Rob, if he would Photoshop my photo to make me look better than I really am. He chuckled and gave me that, "ok, I don't know what you are talking about" uncomfortable look that I get so often. I see that look at feel like Doby in Harry Potter. "Bad Doby!" *Hits head repeatedly*

After he did his job, we were talking more about how to set up a business and how he wanted to be a stay at home dad and have a photography business. He was pretty cool guy to talk to.

You can read the full article here

Woodcut Thrillride Animation by Martin Mazorra & Michael Houston - Project Site - Where Great Art Starts - from United States Artists

Woodcut Thrillride Animation by Martin Mazorra & Michael Houston - Project Site - Where Great Art Starts - from United States Artists


Snail After the Rain

Snail After the Rain, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Water-based Graphic Chemical ink in black on Goyu washi, 4" x 4". Created at the request of BungalowJohn. He has some cool birdhouses in his Etsy shop, so check him out if you have time. The print was created with the assistance of Softlight1728 who let me use her photo as a reference. Thank you, Softlight1728! The print is now available in my Etsy shop!


Magnolia Blossoms Keyblock carved!

I still need to carve the registration, but it is getting late tonight and I really wanted to share this before going to bed for the night. Here is the original magnolia sketch.

This word has always caused me trouble. I end up switching the "n" and the "g" and end up saying "mangolia" so I always have to stop myself and think the word before I say it. Maybe having to say it more often will cure me of this verbal dyslexia! So embarrassing!

The only constant is change

I am so sad! I ordered different colors of water-based block ink from Graphic Chemical and Ink Company. When I received my invoice by email, it mentioned that half my order was canceled because they are no long making water-based inks. WHAT?! I love that ink! It is the only ink I've ever used and I know how it feels, how it reacts to different papers, now I'll have to start over! Ugh.

I really was looking forward to creating my second multi-block print. Now I don't have all the colors and the solo show is in just four weeks! Now what am I going to do? If anyone has any extra water-based Graphic Chemical ink in opaque white or lemon yellow, I would be happy to purchase tubes or cans!

I've wanted to try moku hanga, maybe this is the impetus I need to take that next leap of faith. But that means purchasing MORE inks of different kinds and trying to figure out how they work. I'm freaking out (just a little bit). The only constant is change.


Winning Bacon Haiku

Winning Bacon Haiku, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Two of my haiku poems made it to the Six Degrees of Etsy Bacon thread submitted through a thread on Etsy's Etc. forum. *takes bow*

My submissions:

Salty, smoked maple,
A thin slice of "heart-attack"
Pass me more bacon!

Feed a pig some trash
and he turns it to bacon,
Pigs are cool like that.


Afton Prairie & Wetland Restoration Work

Hope to see you there!

Afton Prairie & Wetland Restoration Work

Saturday, June 12th
10 a.m.1–1 p.m.

Meet at South Wetlands, ½ mile south of main entrance at corner of Crego and McGirr Rd.

Bring your boots!
Natural Resource Manager Al Roloff will talk about the Afton wetland restorations and volunteers can assist by helping plant wetland plants.
Thank You volunteers !!

Venus Envy 2010

Venus Envy 2010, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

The photos from Venus Envy 2010 in Davenport, IA were posted today. This shows a grouping that includes my Honeybee print. They grouped the items this year according to color rather than artist. It looks good!


Naturescapes: Woodblock Prints by Erin K. Nolan

It's official! I'll be having a solo show entitled "Naturescapes" at Bliss Bead Studio and Gallery in DeKalb, IL July 19 - August 14th, 2010. There will be an artist's reception on July 22 from 6-8 pm. I'm hoping to see you there!

I'm busy working on some cool new work for you to see. I can't wait to show it to you! It really exemplifies how much I am growing stylistically. It is going to be a busy summer!

Places you will find me this summer:

July 4th:
Art on the Lawn, Juried art show
Ellwood House Museum
DeKalb, IL

July 17th:
Midwest Museum of Natural History
Craft Sale
Sycamore, IL

July 19 - August 7
Solo Show
"Naturescapes" at Bliss Bead Studio and Gallery
DeKalb, IL

Children's Printmaking Class at the
Midwest Museum of Natural History
Times and dates TBA


QR Codes: A Better Way


Have you ever been shopping, noticed a website on a poster and had to find a pencil and paper to write it down - or had to take a photo with your camera phone so you could look up the information later? Do the miniature keyboards on your phone make it difficult to enter long URLs accurately? Wouldn't it be great if the information came up automatically without having to remember it for later or type it in? A better way is coming and it is called QR Coding.

Quick Response (QR) codes are 2 dimensional bar codes. After downloading an app on your phone, the only thing you need to do is scan the code with your camera and it will instantly take you to the information you need. The code can store something as simple as a phone number and address or it can take you directly to an online site providing a multitude of information. It is like a physical link to digital information and it will revolutionize access to advertising and marketing messages.

Check out the video (linked below) that has more information about QR codes. Actually watching someone use the technology makes the concept more clear. It shows a clothing designer applying QR Codes at a retail location:


A new QR code reader that is now available is called ScanLife and you can download it by texting SCAN to 43588 or going to http://www.getscanlife.com (link above).

Think about the real world applications in your business: A QR Code that takes potential clients directly to your website or shop could be printed on business cards and other marketing and advertising materials. Vehicle wraps could include a QR code so when people are waiting at a stoplight, they can check out your site or download your contact information to be used later. It literally integrates the physical environment and the digital world.

For fun, generate your own QR code and get on board for the wave of the future.