QR Codes: A Better Way


Have you ever been shopping, noticed a website on a poster and had to find a pencil and paper to write it down - or had to take a photo with your camera phone so you could look up the information later? Do the miniature keyboards on your phone make it difficult to enter long URLs accurately? Wouldn't it be great if the information came up automatically without having to remember it for later or type it in? A better way is coming and it is called QR Coding.

Quick Response (QR) codes are 2 dimensional bar codes. After downloading an app on your phone, the only thing you need to do is scan the code with your camera and it will instantly take you to the information you need. The code can store something as simple as a phone number and address or it can take you directly to an online site providing a multitude of information. It is like a physical link to digital information and it will revolutionize access to advertising and marketing messages.

Check out the video (linked below) that has more information about QR codes. Actually watching someone use the technology makes the concept more clear. It shows a clothing designer applying QR Codes at a retail location:


A new QR code reader that is now available is called ScanLife and you can download it by texting SCAN to 43588 or going to http://www.getscanlife.com (link above).

Think about the real world applications in your business: A QR Code that takes potential clients directly to your website or shop could be printed on business cards and other marketing and advertising materials. Vehicle wraps could include a QR code so when people are waiting at a stoplight, they can check out your site or download your contact information to be used later. It literally integrates the physical environment and the digital world.

For fun, generate your own QR code and get on board for the wave of the future.

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