The only constant is change

I am so sad! I ordered different colors of water-based block ink from Graphic Chemical and Ink Company. When I received my invoice by email, it mentioned that half my order was canceled because they are no long making water-based inks. WHAT?! I love that ink! It is the only ink I've ever used and I know how it feels, how it reacts to different papers, now I'll have to start over! Ugh.

I really was looking forward to creating my second multi-block print. Now I don't have all the colors and the solo show is in just four weeks! Now what am I going to do? If anyone has any extra water-based Graphic Chemical ink in opaque white or lemon yellow, I would be happy to purchase tubes or cans!

I've wanted to try moku hanga, maybe this is the impetus I need to take that next leap of faith. But that means purchasing MORE inks of different kinds and trying to figure out how they work. I'm freaking out (just a little bit). The only constant is change.


Justin said...

Have you tried Faust inks? They will send you a 13 color sample pack if you send then a request by phone or email. I've used their aqualine inks for relief, and couldn't believe how well they worked compared to every other water based ink I'd tried.

pejnolan said...

I knew someone would come through with a great suggestion. Thanks Justin! I'll sent out my sample pack request today! Thanks again!