This Weekend...

Took my son to the Castle Spirit Challenge at the Convocation Center. DeKalb won the basketball game!

Cleaned, Cleaned, Napped, attended "The Nolan Family Meeting" at Twin's Tavern

Lazed about with a headache in the am, painted all afternoon, made a good dinner of bacon wrapped steak, sauted mushrooms and double baked potatoes. Klondike bars for dessert. Added tumbled marble tiles with my prints to my Etsy Shop.

UCC Painting - continued, originally uploaded by pejnolan.


starkeyart said...

Hi Erin. You printed right onto the marble? Very cool idea. Painting is looking great.


pejnolan said...

I didn't use my blocks to print on the marble. I work at a large format printer as a graphic designer during the day and I had them print the marble tiles with their UV cureable flatbed printer. I had to adjust the prints digitally to fit a square format. They really did turn out nice though!