Dragonfly 1.23.2010

Dragonfly 1.23.2010, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

It was a nice weekend. Friday night was the Rockford Midwestern Bienniel awards reception at the Rockford art museum. All day at work I kept thinking about it and each time I did my heart would race and my stomach would do flip flops! It was a lovely evening and many, many people I knew were there. My brother-in-law came, my husband and son came to cheer me on. There were a group of friends from the Kishwaukee Valley Art League, people I took classes with, and college instructors; and of course my brother and his wife. This year the museum grouped the work according to the artist. I was so proud to see mine hanging on the wall of a museum. It was very gratifying! My brother's work was on the opposite wall. Afterwards, we went out to eat at The Mediterrano restaurant to finish off the night. It was perfect. I was so jazzed up, though, I couldn't get to sleep until after midnight.

I woke up late on Saturday - 10:30am! Then Grace and I went for a walk at Northern Illinois University's lagood to look for the great horned owl which nests there every year. It was pretty cold and I couldn't find it. I figured it must be staying inside its nest in a hollowed out tree. I was driving home when I remembered there was a print show going on in the Altgeld Hall art museum. Mr. Bennett had chastised me for not being at the opening reception while I was speaking to him on Friday night. So, I stopped by for a quick visit. LOVED THE SHOWS! They were called the Cannonball Press: Root Hog, or Die! and the Midwestern BLAB!2. The cannonball Press show was of insanely large woodblock prints by the folks at Cannonball Press. I was in awe at the size and complexity and shear fun of the pieces. Take a peek at their work if you get a chance!

The day wasn't over, so I went into the studio and worked on the UCC painting I was able to finish the sleeve and was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Next I printed my Dragonfly woodblock (above)
Sunday I made baked beans and went to my brother and sister-in-law's birthday party at my mother-in-law's house. It is always good to get together with everyone to catch up. They are an energetic bunch who revel in good conversation and there are many conversations going on all at the same time! It is chaotic and warm and friendly at the same time.

It's back to work tomorrow...

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