Dragonfly detail

Dragonfly detail, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

The cuts were made using a 3mm Josei Moku Hanga Maru To (u-gouge) and an X-acto. The finished print will be 7.75" wide x 9.5" high to fit comfortably inside an 8x10 mat with 1/8" on top and sides and 1/4" on the bottom to allow for the title and signature. The paper is still attached to the woodblock at this point. I'm carving away the wood outside of the image area and creating the kento registration marks. Here is what it looked like when the drawing was first applied to the block.

The paper has been removed (above) and this is the last time it will be pristine wood. I'll have to wait tomake a proof. It's already a quarter to nine and it's back to work tomorrow! I was glad to get the carving finished this weekend though!