I've finally woke up!

I swing from being a creative powerhouse to being artistically dry. Sometimes I'll go weeks without being productive, then BAM! I have a conversation with someone, or go for a walk and something strikes a chord. Then I feel like I can't keep up with everything I want to get done. Basically, I allow myself those times when it just isn't working. The downtime is like sleeping: you're creative body needs it to refresh, renew, and repair itself.

Well, with that analogy I finally feel like I am waking up after months of no art at all. Today I went the the studio and started a new print. The finished print will be 8" x 10". This photo shows the reverse image laminated onto the shina wood with nori paste. It is going to be extremely detailed in the wing area with more loose cuts for the background. I plan to beginning cutting tomorrow! *excitement grows*

I also worked on the UCC painting. The nose is giving me no end of problems. I think what I will do tomorrow is to work on the painting upside down. It is a technique I learned in college. It forces you to use your left-brain to see what shapes are actually there instead of using the preformed symbol of what a nose looks like.
Finally, I have the final products from my very first thrown pottery class to show you. I really, really like the one with the handle. It is a matte finish with celedon and some type of white with brown specks in it. (I forgot what the white glaze was named.)That's all for today. Hopefully tomorrow will be fun-filled, too!

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