What a great, productive weekend!

My last post made me sound just pathetic. "Ohhh, look at me... my name is Erin and I have just too much to do..." I just felt a bit overwhelmed. Now things are back in order.

On Saturday I finally go the hang of the Call for Entryaka "Cafe" submission process just in time to apply for the National Woman's Works Show. Today I went out and purchased my long-time dream of owning a soldering set up for jewelry. I'm planning on using it to bezel set all the fused glass I made a few weeks back. That is going to be fun! I completed a linocut called "Robin's Nest" and placed the first print in my Etsy Shop. I made a few prints using two different blocks. I have the official application and everything ready for the Art-o-Mat. That package will be mailed tomorrow. So, it has been a very productive weekend despite being sick. YAY!

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