I'm a winner

I entered a contest at ResurrectionFern's blog. The blog was recommended to me by my friend Robyn Wells because she knows I use nature as references in my artwork as well. ResurrectionFern crochets something using nature as her inspiration and then challenges her readers to figure out what the inspirational item was. I didn't guess correctly, but she liked my answer. Now she will be sending me one of her pieces are artwork! How cool is that?!? If you haven't read ResurrectionFern, take the time to check it out. She is very down to earth and creative. (the photo is from her website)


robyn said...

Very Cool! So what was your guess?

pejnolan said...

Sorry - How absent-minded of me. Here is what my answer was:

"In your post on the 8th you show an embroidary that says, "Trees that grow hearts." I think this is a seed pod from a tree and three little hearts are inside waiting to spring up through the rich soil in which they were planted. Seeds are a symbol of hope, renewal and strength... a miracle of nature. A person's heart is the same. It bounces back with the smallest of hope, tended by the rich earth of faith and grows to love again."