Three Raccoons Dancing on My Roof

Three Raccoons Dancing on My Roof, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

The linocut print was inspired by my nightly encounter with these guys. and is in my Etsy shop .

Hand pulled linocut A/P, signed & dated.

Black waterbased ink on Japanese Kitakata paper, which is a natural off-white color and has a subtle stripe due to the paper making process. The edges are deckeled.

Print Size: 3" high s 8" wide
Paper size: 6" high x 9" wide

This print depicts the little rascals that dance on my roof at night - keeping me awake. These pranksters each has a personality all their own. This is an artist's proof showing my progress as I cut the linoleum block. It is hand barrened and hand pulled and is completely original work of art.

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