Photography Field Trip: Architectural Tour of Chicago

My son's photography class took a field trip into Chicago for and Architectural photoshoot assignment, so my husband and I took off work to chaperone. I am "geographically challenged," so my group of kids stayed with my husband's. It worked out pretty good. He led while I made sure everyone was accounted for by counting from the back every few minutes.

It was a regular Chicago day: rainy, cold and windy; but it could have been much worse! At least it didn't snow! And the rain was just a drizzle. It never came to a pouring, soaking rain. The kids were wonderful, well-behaved and polite. My worst fear had been that my group of kids was going to be a bunch of BA's. We had just a few minutes at the end, so we treated them all to hot chocolate which we drank under "the bean" while everyone took last minute photos.

I took photos, too. This one was my favorite, I think. This is the reflection of the city buildings on the black marble tiles of the Millenium Park fountains. I liked how the lines of the marble tiles created perspective lines for the buildings. The photo is displayed upside down.

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