honeybee key block proof

honeybee key block proof, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Once again this is intended as my first multi-block piece. This is the key block. Hopefully, the finished print will have black, yellow and red. I'm planning on having the red and yellow cross hatched to form a fourth color.

Trying to get it finished, scanned and burned to a cd by a week from today for the Rockford Midwestern biennial show. I've actually carved out the red block and will begin the yellow block tonight. That is further than I've gotten before. One baby step at a time.

This is so nerve wracking! I don't know how some of you do the reduction method of printmaking - I would just be a mess! I would be so afraid that something would be messed up early in and, as you know, once it has been removed from the block it is gone forever. Let me repeat that FOR-EV-ER!

Tonight I'll be framing the "Coy Pond" prints that sold at the Bliss Bead show. I went to Michaels to get my favorite frames called Wild Wood, the only problem was they are not wood anymore - they're plastic. What the heck?!? I thought the wooden version looked so nice with the prints. They have a wide 3 inches of wood and are very plain. They remind me of Craftsman frames. So, now I'll have to locate some more. Maybe I could learn to make them myself? Ohh... I just thought of something. What if I framed my block prints in a frame that is carved similar to what the block would look like? Then it could be oiled to heighten the detailing. There's a thought. Opps! I'm rambling... I'd better get back to work.

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Denise said...

Oh, you must know I love this! Got me thinking.... proposing a logo for my encaustic work.... hmm... we must talk!