Honey Bees

Honey Bees, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

It is getting closer to how I imagined. I used sepia instead of black for the key block, white Goyu washi instead of natural Kitakata, and I darkened the yellow with a metallic copper which added a bit of shimmer. I also made another on tissue thin washi which has thicker lines in it. The washi is partially transparent. I placed some papers underneath it and it looked cool to have these blocked areas showing subtle differences in coloring. At the Norris Cultural Art Center's Vicinity show, an artist had created a collage painting on stretched canvas using only Japanese papers. I might take this semi-transparent print of mine and do a type of chine colle effect, layering colors from behind the print.

Today was so productive. I woke up; went to work; received a message from a designer from Massachusetts with a possible commison; set up another 2010 KVAL demonstrator; came home; made a good dinner of Mexican Posole, corn bread, and tres leches cake; did the dishes, went to the studio, made a sale on Etsy, posted my work, printed out mailing labels for the prints that sold (to be sent out tomorrow morning), blogged, and off to bed... all before 11:00pm!


starkeyart said...

looks great!

robayre said...
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robayre said...

sorry, just realized what I wrote didn't make sense. What I meant to say was:

Wow, at least not everyone else is feeling as lazy as I have been. Feels great being productive doesn't it?

The print looks amazing! I love the idea of layering the paper. It might even give it that look of the outside of a bees hive.

pejnolan said...

I've mailed off the Rockford Midwestern entry with this print entitled: "Hive Mind: US Politics." I also sent in "Coy Pond" and "Earth Goddess."

I also mailed off the notBig entry for the Logsdon 1909 Gallery in Chicago.

pejnolan said...

Oh, I forgot... I entered "Fly on a Pitcher Plant," "Ellison Bay," and Coy Pond into the notBIG show.