Vector Lady's Slipper

Vector Lady's Slipper, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

This is another study for my future lino print of the Lady's Slipper that E. and I found at The Ridges in Bailey's Harbor while on vacation. This study was done as a vector file on the computer. So far, this is my third study. One was drawn "freehand," one used the photo as template and this one was created as a vector. It is pretty cool how each technique has made me look at the flower in a different way. The freestyle drawing made my lines flow and curl in alternating thin and thick linework. The template method focused on the volume and form of the flower while the vector showed me the underlying structure - especially in the twists and turns of the long flower petals. I have to stop myself from buying a block so I'll take the time to study it before cutting aimlessly away.
© 2008 Erin Nolan

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