Huskies on Parade: Stage 3

So, today was good and bad. I woke up early for once and took a shower before J. woke up - that's good. Because of that I had time to go into the studio before work and worked a bit more on my Lady's Slipper block. Also good. I made it to work on time. (really good!).
Here's the bad part:
For lunch I went to my doctor and she told me: good cholesterol=low, bad cholesterol=high, triglycerides=way high, cholesterol=high; liver enzymes=high (all this while taking a cholesterol lowering drug). The proverbial nail? WEIGHT! Argh! I guess I gained 10 pounds in the last three months. No wonder I feel so tired.
From here on out these will be my personal rules: Soda only one time a week. One portion is plenty. Don't eat until I'm full, eat until I'm satisfied. Don't confuse being thirsty with being hungry. Don't eat because there is nothing else to do. 3 meals a day and no grazing. Eat out less often. More vegetables.
This should make a difference, I hope.
Tonight I tried taking a yoga class and was disgusted at how little I am actaully able to move. However, I could tell where I can improve and that is the first step. Tuesday nights at 6:30p.m. $9/session. Want to come?


Lisa said...

you have very cool stuff! when i have more time - i will be back to go thru your blog! thanks for favoriting me on flckr. do you want my spot in the print exchange? can we do that?

pejnolan said...

Yes. I'll take that spot! Your stuff is awesome, too! That's why I put it on my Inspirational Artist section. THANKS!