Studio time

I want to get to the studio and continue working on my Lady's Slipper print! Today the Huskies from Huskies on Parade were supposed to arrived, but my sponsor had family in town and couldn't pick it up until tomorrow. So, I guess I'll have a paying reason to go tomorrow night.

I'm having kind of a conundrum concerning having a studio. It means all my art stuff is somewhere else and I can't just sketch ideas at home. I have a more blocked allotted of time and that is terrific to actually work on my projects when I'm fully awake. I do get more done - when I can get to it. I've rationalized that I'm staying at home the last few nights to work on my banners for this blog and my Etsy but really it's just an excuse. If I want to succeed, I have to put my work into this. What is next? I have to call the local Women's group. They said they might want me for a show. I'm frightened. I'll just have to use that fear energy to work up the courage to call.

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