Huskies on Parade has begun!

Huskies on Parade has begun, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

Tonight I transferred my design to the large Huskie using a ruler, compass, angle, and artist's tape. Man I hope this turns out.

As with everything I worry and worry until my worrier is spent. I've come to realize that if I plan, work slowly & deliberately and take care with every step then I can't really go wrong because it is the best I can do and no one can ask for any more than my personal best. I can't chase after perfection - that is impossible. I can only try to achieve excellence.

So, my plan is to carefully transfer to both the large and small Huskie first. Then I plan to pull the tape off and paint the interior shapes, leaving a small gap where the painted leading will be. Again I'll be working on both Huskies at the same time to keep consistency in color. After the main colors have been placed, I'll create shadows and highlights to give it depth. Next the multicolored glaze will be placed over the entire dog. Then the leading will be painted and finally I'll put a coat of sealer on after it dries well just to protect it during transportation. The
Huskies on Parade will take care of the final autobody clearcoat.

I doubt that anyone is all that interested in learning EXACTLY how I'm planning to do this. This post is more for me, I guess, so I will have a guide to go by. But, hey, if you notice anything amiss in this process - please, please let me know about it.


robayre said...

Hey Erin, Congratulations on getting your Huskie!
When I was thinking about painting mine I thought that I would first cover it in gesso so that the paint would stick and not look so streaky. Did you have to cover it with a base layer?

pejnolan said...

Well,ok, here's the thing. I should have. I ought to have. I knew it was the best course of action...leave it to me...I was so excited to start painting that I forgot. I think it will be ok though because there was a layer already on it when it arrived. Thanks for thinking of it!