New curtains for the entryway

New curtains for the entryway, originally uploaded by pejnolan.

I've been wanting to get new curtains for the entryway for quite some time. The old curtains were made by my husband's aunt Margaret over 40 years ago. While they were lovely, cottage-style, hand-stitched beauties, they were disintegrating. I've been redecorating our home's interior slowly into a craftsman style. These handmade linen curtains have that feel, and pays homage to my husband's aunt. I used ecru Irish linen and will embroider the craftsman motifs once the pattern arrives. I've admired this pattern (Vogue V7292) for years and finally went to purchase it, but it was discontinued! AHH! I went to the Vogue website and they were selling out of print patterns. Luckily, I found it on the last pattern on the last page. YAY! I ordered it like a flash. (The embroidery here is photoshopped.) I think they give the entryway a clean, tailored look. Hurray for productive days.

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